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About Shri Vinay Kulkarni

               Sri.Vinay Kulkarni never had dreamt of becoming a politician. Though he had the innate leadership qualities by birth, but the destiny was pre-decided for him to shape him as a charismatic, iconic youth leader. His active participation, organizing skills helped him to emerge as a impressive youth mobilising leader along with his committed friends circle. Many senior politicians also went on noticing in him the great potentiality of a future leader. As he had the magnetic personality of a charismatic youth leader. His active involvement and interaction with public and farmers prompted him to start his own dairy farming initially with 6 cows as Vinay Dairy. Today it has the reputation of being the largest private dairy which is fully auto mechanised dairy with 1700 high yielding cows of both desi & abroad variety. It is a dream come true. His basic interest being in the welfare of farmers in the agricultural sector made him serve the cause of the poor farmers relentlessly.

               Sri Jade Shantlingeshwar Trust was founded by him and many welfare programmes were undertaken such as: Health Camps, Blood donation Camps, Recharging  of Wells, Ponds, Building of Check Dams, which was done in consultation and following the guidelines of Sri Rajendra Singh  who is a well known water conservationist from Alwar district Rajastan in India. He is known as Water Man in India. He has won the Stockholm Water Prize in 2015, an award known as the Noble Prize for Water.

               Providing facilities to government schools, such as teachers, books, seating facilities in villages like Hunasikumbri, Hiremalligawad, Yadwad, Dapardhiwad etc. Organising  Mega Mass Marriages on a grant scale ranging from 100 to 1000. In collaboration with World vision construction of toilets, public toilets was done. Distribution of agricultural equipments, crop insurance, exemption of farmers loan, establishment of  Fodder bank and Goshalas were also undertaken  by him.


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